Elementary Media/Makers Space Thanksgiving Floats

Thanksgiving Floats!

By: Natalia Lotinsky, Cayden Pietrick, and Mattie Boggs

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the day we found America! There’s food and family. But sometimes some people forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving, gratitude. One way that we can remember that Thanksgiving is about gratitude are all the balloon float parades.

Balloon Floats are a famous tradition

during the cold weather to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Macy’s parade has many floats and balloons during each holiday. It was originally created to show gratitude to the country and the many opportunities it has for people, such as the immigrants working at Macy’s.

Now, at Pine Island Academy, second graders get the chance to create Thanksgiving floats that all represent different things to the students. Several students and teachers were interviewed about these floats.

Four second grade boys named Owen, Carter, Max, and Rowin, were all working together to create a peacock float that represents Thanksgiving. Another student named Graclyn said that her float was an octopus. Camden, another second grader, said that she was using wrapping paper and glitter glue to make her float. The students also used pompoms, yarn, tissue paper, popsicle sticks, paper, cardboard, toy cars, plastic cups, and cotton balls.

The teachers helping out said that they would put the floats on display in the library.

PIA has many fun activities for all grades. This second grade activity provided the students with challenges that exercised their brains in a way that many students found enjoyable.