PBIS Middle School Celebration

Written by Elena Morrison, Alaina Hardman, and Katelyn Binge

Pine Island Academy’s first quarter ended with a variety of entertaining party rooms such as an art room, movie room, and more.

Each student ranked the PBIS party rooms, from their top choice to their least favorite. The faculty took each student’s preferred room into account but ultimately those with the highest number of PBIS points were assigned their rooms first. There was a variety of different rooms including art, recess, video game, movie, technology, terrarium, gym, social and board game. The event took place on the last Friday of the first quarter, Oct. 13, 2023.

“My room went great. I had the technology room,” seventh grade CSD teacher Laurieann Lawson remarked. “I thought it went fantastic. I didn’t hear any complaints from any students or teachers, so I think it went well,” Lawson added.

Like Lawson who had volunteered to host a room, PIA media specialist Stefanie Myers offered to host a room in the library as well.

“We are building terrariums which are closed ecosystems, like the Earth is a closed ecosystem,” said Myers, “everything the plants need to survive is going to be contained within a clear plastic container with a lid on top.”

PIA seventh grader Lucy Sarafin was one of the students chosen for the terrarium room.

“It was very fun, and we got to learned about terrariums, ecosystems and the water cycle,” Sarafin commented. “If there’s anything like the terrarium room again, I’d definitely pick it,” she later added.

While some have labeled the celebration a success and others have given positive feedback you might be wondering, will the PBIS rooms be back next quarter?

“Not rooms we have more coming. Stay tuned,” PIA principal Amanda Riedl says, “I will say this though, at the end of every quarter, there is what we call an end of the quarter celebration, and so we don’t want to do the same thing every quarter.”