Character Pumpkins

By Leyton Shaw and Ashton Williams

Show off your love for literature by making your favorite storybook characters on pumpkins for PIA to display in the media center.

What are character pumpkins? These special pumpkins are a way to show off your favorite storybook characters like . All of these are good examples of good storybook characters to choose from.

“It was an idea that I did in my school when I was a little kid so now I do it here” said Media Specialist Ms. Meyers.

To make a character pumpkin you must first get a pumpkin and choose your favorite storybook character. Then you paint that character on your pumpkin but do not carve the pumpkin. After that take the pumpkin to the media center or leave it in the front office and staff will deliver it to the media center. Then you’re done and other people can see your work of art in the media center!

“I am not sure if I have any favorites because every year somebody comes in with a design I never seen before and or even if they done one that I have seen before they do it differently and then I can’t pick a favorite they are all really cool and creative I love it” said Meyers.

Every person who made a pumpkin this year has been getting an amazing prize for completing the challenge of creating character pumpkins.

“Culver’s is going to give everybody who participated a free scoop of custard coupon” said Meyers.