Nocatee Haunted House

By: Mattie Boggs and Cayden Pietrick

NOCATEE, FL: The Nocatee Haunted House was a thrilling and exciting event according to most. The Nocatee Haunted House took place from October 25-28.

The haunted house had many decorations and jump scares, such as creepy clowns jumping at you and spooky hallways with images of spooky ghosts. The Nocatee Haunted House was extremely popular, with its line stretching through the Spray Waterpark, where it took place.

The Nocatee Haunted House was deemed scary by many, but many others thought the haunted house was incredibly fun. Peyton Stone elaborates, “It was really fun and exciting, because all of the people were really scary, and the holograms were really cool.”

There were many people and things to be afraid of and excited about. Stone says the thing that excited her the most at the haunted house was, “…the clown that had the taser (pretend) who was really scary. Yeah he tased me, I almost started crying. It was great.”

The haunted house had many different sections, decorations, and special effects. For example, a worker dressed as a werewolf was creating sparks by scratching a metal pole of some sort against a wire fence, creating fear according to some people. In another section, a smoke machine was used to create the illusion of a never-ending foggy moor.

The haunted house set up stayed mostly the same during the week. Although, costumes, makeup and the pathway of the haunted house changed quite often. An eighth grader named Julia Wright who took part in this event stated, “I enjoyed the haunted house. It was new every time, both times I went.”

The haunted house was elaborate, and one of the workers at the haunted house on October 25 said that this haunted house was scarier than most of the haunted houses in the area. Many participants said it was quite scary and was very well made.

Maddie Manucy, also thought the house was well made. She stated, “All of the character’s make up was really good. It was really fun.”

Kids and teenagers of a range of ages all went into the haunted house. Brandon Ha, a fifth grader stated, “I thought the haunted house was cool and the jump scares were scary.” Suri Levy, a seventh grader expressed, “I felt that the haunted house was a great scare. Nocatee did an excellent job upping the frights this year. It was great fun and I am glad I did it!” Braven Boggs, a sixth grader said, “I thought it was reasonably scary and fun at the same time!” Lastly, a kindergartener, Avery Ha says, “My mommy told me it was scary and that it was scary, and I shouldn’t go, but I insisted I go! It was a little scary if my mommy wasn’t there, but I liked it and I would go again, and my favorite was the laser part. It looked like a swimming pool!”

The Haunted House would not be what it was without the workers, who were characters in the haunted house and who set it up. The jump scares (done by the workers) added the scary factor to the haunted house.

Many people stated that they enjoyed the Haunted House. “The Nocatee Haunted House was scary, but still really fun!” disclosed Julia Wright.