First Grade Bat Day


 By Asher Pruitt and Gabriel Nochera

There are different events that happen around the school often from field trips to different celebrations.

An interview with Alanna Otzenberger, a first-grade teacher, answered questions about first grade Bat Day.

At bat day there is going to be “Math centers with the bat theme.” Otzenberger said, there is going to be about 180 kids doing Bat Day.

Instead of in the hallway they are doing this event in each classroom, classrooms have volunteers but not all classrooms. The point of Bat Day is to “Teach students through reading bat nonfiction and integrating bat theme throughout the curriculum.” Said Otzenberger.

“First grade is also sponsored with a bat day theme First Friday featuring Cinottis famous pumpkin donuts.” Erika Harpe said when asked about First Grade bat day.

Bat day happens in First-Grade class, The kids will learn through “reading nonfiction on bats” and “math learning center on bat day,” said Otzenberger. Everything will be bat themed.

Bat day finally rolled around, and all the first-grade classrooms decorated for the day. Tiffany Kovacs, a first-grade teacher here at Pine Island Academy, Taught a lesson on Bats.

Every classroom played a video explaining what bats are. Most classrooms had their lights turned off to imitate a bat cave “We are going Batty” one teacher said in an interview. Bat day happens every year around the same time.

Most classrooms where quiet as teachers went on with their lessons on bats. Students did every activity on bats from making a bat headband to reading on Stellaluna a famous book on a fruit bat. Otzenburger asked the classroom during the interview “Are you having fun?” The students replied in unison with “We’re having fun.”

Thank you, first grade teachers, for all the things you do for you students and your fellow faculty! Bat Day was on Friday, October 25th.