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Pine Island Academy Media Center


The Mission of the Pine Island Academy Media Center is to instill a love of reading for pleasure and information by connecting our staff, students, and community to various text and technology resources.  We want to foster a lifelong love of learning, while inspiring our students to be creative, innovative , critical thinkers through reading, research, and exploration.


Library Information:

Classes visit the Media Center every seven days.  Students are welcome to utilize the library for checkout or computer usage throughout the day with teacher’s permission.  The Media Center is open everyday from 8:00-2:10 (M, T, TH, and F) and 8:00-1:10 on Wednesdays.


Checkout Information: 

Students can checkout books for 2 weeks.  Checkout limits are as follows:

Kindergarten–1 book

1st-1-2 books

2nd and 3rd grade–2 books

4th and 5th grade–3 books

Middle-4 books


Jamie Masitti, Media Specialist

[email protected]

Heather Gerry, Paraprofessional

[email protected]